Natural Magic – 5 April 2011 with Calum Colvin

This talk, entitled ‘Natural Magic’, is based on Calum Colvin’s recent exhibition of stereoscopic work at the RSA in Edinburgh. The title comes from the book ‘Letters on Natural Magic addressed to Sir Walter Scott 1832’ by Sir David Brewster and the work explores the unique role photography plays as a mediator between art, science, truth, and fiction.

His series of staged, photographic/painted portraits and manipulated scenarios follow on from his long-standing interest in creating staged photographic tableaux.

These new works are presented through a form of mirror stereoscope, invented by Charles Wheatstone in 1838. The work re-visits some of the debates surrounding the nature of photographic and visual truth which followed these developments, using portraiture, staging, visual illusion and perspectival manipulation to explore these issues.

Join us in the relaxed atmosphere of the McManus Cafe for this free event, which is open to everyone. Enjoy a hot drink, glass of wine or beer with a snack whilst listening to Calum discuss the intersection between art, photography and the truth. Non-bookable but please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Limited seating is available.