Next Talk – ‘The World and Us: How Globalisation Affects Everyone’ – 3rd May 2011

Our next Dundee Arts Cafe Talk is at 6pm on Tuesday 3rd May by Catia Montagna from the University of Dundee. Catia will be discussing some of the key aspects of economic globalisation, including how they affect the way we live.

Very few trends have generated as much debate as the increasing amount of economic globalisation, with opinions ranging from extreme praise to extreme criticism. Catia will explore the origins of both sides of this argument and reflect on why, what is seen as a source of opportunities to enhance national prosperity by some is perceived as a threat to our individual and collective security by others, and on the role of government policy in balancing these positions.

Dundee Arts Cafe talks are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6pm in the McManus Cafe, inside the McManus at Albert Square, City Centre Dundee. The McManus is Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum, and the cafe is located at the entrance and will be open before and throughout the talk serving hot drinks, wine or beer and snacks.

This is a FREE talk and everyone is welcome, there is no requirement to book, but there is limited seating for 60 people so please arrive early to ensure a seat.