The City That Lost its Memory – 1st February 2011

Join us at the stunning surrounding of the recently re-vamped McManus Cafe for our first Dundee Arts Cafe talk of 2011 with Professor Charles McKean. Charles will focus on describing Dundee during its peak period as a port in the 17th Century during the renaissance and enlightenment period, and return to the city in the early 19th Century before the jute trade transformed Dundee.

Charles’ talk will shed light on the most important buildings and how they helped Dundee flourish as a port to become Scotland’s second city during these times.

Doors open at 5.30pm and beers, wine and food are all served in The McManus Cafe, see here for a full menu. This is a FREE event, but there is limited seating available for 60 people so please do arrive early to avoid disappointment.