Shaping our Creative City – Tuesday 2nd September 2014, 6pm

If you missed Gillian Easson’s inspiring and thought-provoking talk you can watch it here

Dundee is at a unique point in time, a city with a major transformation underway, it’s shape, size and scope present a number of opportunities for its citizens. Gillian Easson from Creative Dundee will look at some of the creative initiatives happening across Dundee and consider some projects happening around the world, which are helping shape cities of the future.

Creative Dundee amplifies and connects talent, through its online platform, events and partnerships. Founded in 2008, before the current developments were on the horizon, Creative Dundee has been involved in a number of grass-roots projects including We Dundee, the crowd sourcing campaign which saw almost 4,000 contribute their ideas to the future of the city.