Postponed: Curious Creatives: Art from a Child’s Perspective – Tuesday 14 April 2020, 6pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are postponing this Dundee Arts Café event. Many apologies for the inconvenience this may cause. We shall be in touch in due course.

There is growing concern that creative subjects such as art, music and drama are being side-lined in schools in favour of other subjects. However, creative education is also seen as a crucial step in developing skills in young children. This is especially relevant in the city of Dundee, where skilled creative people are needed to support our growing creative industries.

So how do we make sure arts education is delivered in a way that benefits children’s development?

Join us at Dundee Arts Café as Dr Anna Robb from the University of Dundee, explores including the voices of primary school children, when developing school lessons and careers advice for the future. This presentation will draw on research focused on young children’s experiences of visual art in the home and at school, as well as in the local community and across the city. Anna will give examples of how our relationships with school subjects, such as art, inform our identities from an early age.

Whose Transition Is It Anyway? Tuesday 6th May 2014, 6pm

Starting school, moving classes or moving schools are exciting progressions in the life of every child, however some children find these educational transitions difficult. To understand how to helpimage3 children make these transitions a wealth of research has been undertaken that focusses on the pupil.

Divya Jindal-Snape argues that we also need to understand these transition from the viewpoint of parents, siblings and teachers – termed ‘significant others’. The impact of the pupil’s transition on significant others is under-researched and not considered fully in educational practice.

This talk will highlight Divya’s research which explores the interaction between the transitions of the child and significant others and reinforces the importance of involving significant others during transitions. We will also discuss creative ways that can be used by parents, teachers and other professionals to support transitions of children starting school, moving to new classes or schools.

Join us in the relaxed atmosphere of the McManus Café for a short talk followed by your chance to ask questions and discuss the topic.

Everyone is welcome. Free. Non-bookable. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. This event is likely to last one hour.