Frankenstein: The Books That Made The Monster – Tuesday 13 November 2018, 6pm

Copyright Alejandro Colucci

The teenage author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, was an avid reader, as her detailed diaries reveal. But her most iconic creations, Victor Frankenstein and his Monster, are fatally corrupted by their own exposure to books. Frankenstein immerses himself in the occult sciences, while the Monster turns evil after learning about humanity’s misdeeds in Paradise Lost, The Sorrows of Young Werther, and the Bible, among other things.

This talk, by Dr Daniel Cook from the University of Dundee, traces Shelley’s reading habits before and during the composition of her GothicĀ  masterpiece, and considers the devilish role played by books in her most famous work of fiction.

Everyone is welcome. This event is free and non-bookable. Places are limited so please arrive early to avoid disappointment. Doors open at 5pm.