H.G.Wells and Cinema – Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact – 1st November 2011

An illustration of George Pal's 1960 model of the Time MachineTheĀ  McManus Cafe, Dundee hosted thisĀ  short talk and discussion on science fiction and the dawn of cinema.

This event covered H.G.Wells’s most famous story The Time Machine and a range of his other short stories.

Dr. Keith Williams from the University of Dundee discussed how each text imagined the visual technology of the future. Drawing on the cutting-edge science of the late 19th Century, Wells was able to predict the development of new media including cinema, television, virtual reality…..even the internet!

In particular Wells’s writings on how we observe the World influenced one of Britain’s pioneering film-makers, R.W.Paul at the very dawn of the cinematic age.

Dundee Science Festival logoThis event was proud to be part of the 2011 Dundee Science Festival programme.

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